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Diabetic Shoes Can Alleviate Many Of The Foot Pain Caused By Diabetes In Fort Lauderdale

December 30, 2013 by Admin

Diabetes can cause all kinds of problems with the feet, as well as creating complications for otherwise ordinary foot conditions. From nerve damage, called neuropathy, to poor blood flow, there are many things that people with diabetes might deal with. However, a qualified podiatrist can find ways to alleviate these problems. Custom Orthotics For Foot Read more…

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Diabetic Foot Care 101

August 5, 2013 by Admin

Although it is not be made of metal, the human body is a machine, an organic one, but a machine nonetheless. And like all machines it needs a power supply to function properly.  In other words, it needs energy. And how do people get energy? They eat, of course.  The calories we consume on a Read more…

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