Diabetic Shoes Can Alleviate Many Of The Foot Pain Caused By Diabetes In Fort Lauderdale

December 30, 2013 by Admin

Diabetes can cause all kinds of problems with the feet, as well as creating complications for otherwise ordinary foot conditions. From nerve damage, called neuropathy, to poor blood flow, there are many things that people with diabetes might deal with. However, a qualified podiatrist can find ways to alleviate these problems.

Custom Orthotics For Foot Problems In Fort Lauderdale

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Diabetes can cause nerve damage to feet, which diminishes the ability to feel heat and cold. The danger of losing feeling in the feet is you can suffer an injury to the foot and not even feel it. It could be anything from a blister to a cut, and the wound might get infected before you even notice it.

Nerve Damage And Other Problems

This nerve damage also leads to changes in the shape of the foot, which might require special kinds of shoes. And the skin of the foot can become really dry, which will make it crack and peel. This is because some of the nerves that are damaged control the moisture of the foot.

People with diabetes also tend to build up calluses on their feet, which can get thick and even break open, eventually turning into open sores. Only a professional should cut or trim calluses. Trying to do it yourself is dangerous.

Another problem that often results from diabetes is ulcers developing on the foot, particularly on the bottom of the big toe or the ball of the foot.  They might not cause pain, but they must be treated right away before they turn into infections. Infections can lead to amputation.

Poor circulation is another common problem, which makes it harder for the body to fight off infection and heal injuries. The blood vessels in the foot become harder and narrower. Exercise can help with poor circulation by stimulating blood flow, and so can wearing comfortable shoes.

These are just a few of the foot problems that can happen to people with diabetes. If these problems are not dealt with, they can lead to worse conditions down the road. There are also things that can exacerbate problems, such as smoking.

If you are experiencing foot problems that you think might be related to diabetes, Dr. Jay Rhodes in Fort Lauderdale can help. Get help before minor problems become severe.  He can recommend diabetic shoes or custom orthotics to ease pain and alleviate symptoms.

To request an appointment, Call Him At 954-974-3535 Today!

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