Effective Heel Pain Treatment In Fort Lauderdale Alleviates Suffering

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Many people suffer from heel pain, which can be caused by numerous conditions. Pain can be located either under the heel, in front of it or just behind it, where the tendon connects to the heel bone. This pain can be mild or severe, and sometimes it can be severely debilitating.

Treatment For Foot Deformities And More

Fortunately, Dr. Jay Rhodes in Fort Lauderdale can help by recommending a heel pain treatment that can alleviate suffering and help people get on with their lives. If you are suffering from foot deformities or any other problem of the foot or ankle, let Dr. Rhodes help.

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The heel bone is the largest bone in the human foot and designed to provide support for the weight of the whole body. When walking, it absorbs the impact of the foot hitting the ground. Therefore, the stress placed upon the foot is intense, which makes the heel particularly vulnerable to damage and pain.

Often, there is a mechanical cause to heel pain, but it might also be the result of an infection, arthritis, trauma or some neurological condition. Pain typically begins gradually with no obvious sign of injury or trauma to the area. Often, pain is most notable toward the front of the heel near the arch.

Pain might be worse just after getting out of bed in the morning or after a period of rest. Some activity can actually diminish the pain. However, after a busy day with a lot of walking or running, the pain will tend to get worse.

Causes Of Heel Pain

Heel pain does not usually result from just a single injury, but is the result of repetitive stress. However, there are a number of things than can be the source of the problem. Here are a few:

1) Plantar Fasciitis

The plantar fascia is a ligament that runs from the heel bone to the front of the foot. If it is stretched too far, the tissues can get inflamed, and the patient will experience pain under the foot. This pain is most notable after a period of rest.

2) Stress Fracture

A stress fracture can be caused by repetitive stress on the heel bone, often resulting from strenuous exercise or manual labor. Runners are prone to this problem, but it can also be caused by osteoporosis.

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3) Heel Bursitis

This is an inflammation of the bursa, which is located at the back of the heel. It can be caused by the pressure of footwear or by landing hard on the heels. Pain is often felt deep inside the heel or along the back, and the pain usually progresses throughout the day.

These are just a few possible causes of heel pain, but there are many others. Fortunately, Dr. Rhodes is qualified to offer heel-pain treatment for a variety of problems. Whether you are suffering from heel pain, foot deformities or any other condition affecting the foot area, he can help.

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