Foot Fungus Treatment In Fort Lauderdale Can Alleviate Uncomfortable Symptoms

November 25, 2013 by Admin

Feet are prone to many unpleasant and painful conditions, largely because this is an area of the body that spends most of its time trapped inside a warm, damp environment – shoes. That means feet are prone to certain kinds of fungal infections that thrive in the heat and moisture.

Treatment For All Types Of Foot Problems

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There are a few common types of foot fungus that people deal with, each with its own symptoms and particular discomforts. Here are a few examples:

1) Athlete’s Foot

This is an infection that is caused by a type of ringworm fungus. It is highly contagious, and people often pick it up from others by walking on damp floors, such as might be found in locker rooms, showers and around public pools. But it can also be passed through clothing, particularly socks and footwear.

The fungus thrives in damp and warm places, so it is more likely to be a big problem if feet are in shoes and socks for prolonged periods of time. Symptoms include burning and itching, along with cracked and peeling skin.

2) Nail Fungus

Numerous types of fungi can affect the nail bed. Often, they are contracted the same way that athlete’s foot is contracted: through contact with damp areas that infected people have walked on.

Symptoms can include yellowish or brownish tint on the nails, brittle or flaky nails, and a possible build-up of debris under the nail. The toenails tend to get thicker and might even produce a foul odor.

3) Plantar Warts

Plantar warts are created by a common form of the human papillomavirus, and, similar to other forms of foot fungus, they can be picked up from damp environments such as locker rooms and public pools.

Plantar warts grow inward toward blood vessels and bones, so they can become very painful. They appear similar to corns on the surface of the foot, but they hurt if gently squeezed.

These are three common forms of foot fungus that can be treated easily. A podiatrist will recommend ointments and medicines to reduce pain and fight the fungus itself.

Ingrown Toenail Treatment

If you are suffering from foot fungus or any other condition affecting the feet, contact Dr. Jay Rhodes. He can recommend the right foot fungus treatment or ingrown toenail treatment. To schedule an appointment today in Fort Lauderdale, Call Him At 954-974-3535 Today!

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