What you Need to Know about Ankle Trauma

September 16, 2013 by Admin

Ankle trauma is an unfortunate risk if you live an active life. In Fort Lauderdale, where the weather is great and the beaches are beautiful, active lifestyles are common. Whether you’re jogging on the beach or simply walking around downtown, ankle trauma can happen anywhere and at any time. If you experience an injury, you Read more…

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A Growing American Dilemma: Untreated Foot Pain

September 9, 2013 by Admin

Although it’s not a life-or-death situation, foot pain can be agonizing and physically debilitating. Everyday tasks can seem unbearable, and people with foot pain often cannot participate in activities they enjoyed in their younger years. Unfortunately, it’s not only the people who refuse to go to the foot doctor who suffer from this ailment.  Many Read more…

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The Facts About Athlete’s Foot

August 19, 2013 by Admin

Also known as tinea pedis or ringworm of the foot, Athlete’s Foot is one of the most common reasons people see podiatrists. They can also make an appointment with a dermatologist, since it is a fungal infection of the skin.  The most common symptoms of the disorder are itchy, scaly feet.  It’s hard to say Read more…

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Diabetic Foot Care 101

August 5, 2013 by Admin

Although it is not be made of metal, the human body is a machine, an organic one, but a machine nonetheless. And like all machines it needs a power supply to function properly.  In other words, it needs energy. And how do people get energy? They eat, of course.  The calories we consume on a Read more…

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