Treating Pregnancy Foot Pain at Home

October 14, 2013 by Admin

Having a child puts a tremendous amount of stress and strain on just about every part of an expectant mother’s body. But one area that is often undertreated is her feet. According to podiatrists, most pregnant women suffer from foot and heel pain that causes serious, even permanent damage. One of the most common issues is plantar fasciitis, which affects a thick band of tissue that runs through the entire foot, from the heel bone to the toes.

Why it happens

The human foot is an extremely complex and delicate structure that can be thrown out of balance for a number of reasons. Although completely natural, the weight gain that is experienced during pregnancy puts enormous pressure on the plantar fascia andoften causes inflammation.  Contrary to popular belief, exercise and activity can actually exacerbate the injury.

When to take a break

If you feel a sharp pain in your heel shortly after you get up in the morning or after sitting down for some time, you may have plantar fascia.


Arch sole inserts and icing can help, but rest and relaxation are the only proven ways to treat this potentially chronic injury.

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