Custom Orthotics

What is a custom orthotic? It is an orthopedic device constructed to modify the way you walk or in actuality the way your foot hits the ground. Some orthotics are simple; devices that may include a simple insole, cushioned or padded heel cups purchased at your local drug store or sporting goods store.

The pressure plates that have recently become “the newest thing” in some retail stores actually do not have the capability to recreate the three dimensional shape of your arch. This type of orthotic really cannot truly be considered a custom made orthotic, but rather only a cushion that covers up your real problems. These simple orthotics do NOT TREAT THE CAUSE OF THE PROBLEM, AND DO NOT WORK!! MANY TIMES THEY ARE JUST A WASTE OF YOUR MONEY!!

A much more effective orthotic are the custom-made devices, which are fabricated by a Podiatrist to your feet, these devices meet the specific needs of the individual patient. A cast is made of your foot which recreates the misalignments and deformities in the structure of each patient’s foot. Then using this cast and today’s computer technology a technician at the orthotic lab will create a truly custom orthotic. This orthotic will balance out the misalignments and correct the deformities. These custom orthotics help alleviate or prevent pain in your feet, heels, knees, hip and back.

If you would like to learn more about biomechanics and custom made orthotics give us a call at our office in the Fort Lauderdale area and make an appointment to see Dr. Rhodes. He can help get the process started to get rid of those aches and pains.