Diabetic Infections

Ulcers and Infections

Often times Diabetic patients are sensate, a big word for they have NO feeling in their toes and feet! Because of this type of (peripheral neuropathy) problem often times a crack in the skin or an injury creates an ulcer or opening in the skin. An ulcer can become a type of abscess that extends to the deeper structures of the foot or lower leg including infecting the bones and the surrounding soft tissue. If left untreated Diabetics can face amputation or perhaps loss of life.

So if you are Diabetic and have an active infection of your toes, foot or lower leg it is URGENT you contact our Fort Lauderdale area office immediately for an appointment!

Gangrene and limb Salvage

Gangrene is often the result of the “mindset” of “maybe it will go away” (the five most dangerous words in the English language), I can assure you it won’t; it will only get worse. It can spread and possibly infect all the adjacent structures including the bone, and bacteria may even spread to other parts of your body.

However, contrary to the popular belief Gangrene does NOT ALWAYS mean amputation or loss of the limb. Dr. Rhodes has successfully performed limb salvage for over 30 years. Diabetics should remember an active infection should be treated immediately!!! Call our office NOW for Gangrene treatment in the Fort Lauderdale area. Dr. Rhodes is available for emergency consultation in these situations.

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