Fungal Toenails

When fungus penetrates the nail or soft tissue beneath the nail you may end up with a fungal toenail condition or better known as onychomycosis. What may appear to be a simple white or yellow spot under the tip of the nail may turn into a more serious problem. The entire nail may eventually turn yellow and become thick, if left untreated. The nails can then begin to crumble and even become painful while wearing shoes. Often onychomycosis or nail fungus can be treated with an oral medication. This nail fungus is often the same fungus that causes athlete’s foot. Although it may seem insignificant it requires medical attention and usually can NOT be treated with topical medications bought in your local drug store. If you do not treat this condition as soon as possible it may eventually lead to having the nail surgically removed. So don’t delay, please call our Fort Lauderdale area office for an appointment.