A neuroma is nerve tissue that has become the size of a cat’s eye marble. Instead of being the diameter of one of your hairs it has become swollen, thickened, round and is VERY PAINFUL! The nerve tumor can commonly be found between the 2nd and 3rd web spaces of either foot. When walking on tile it feels as though; “something like a stone is in your foot”. At night along with this problem you may have painful cramping i.e. Charlie horse in the bottom of your foot. When you squeeze the web space you will experience a painful electric like pain to your toes. Common causes of neuromas are caused by compression, injury or high heels.

Like a cavity in your tooth a neuroma will not generally go away without treatment but will get larger and more painful. This chronic pain will eventually cause you to limp; causing pain in the knee and low back. The neuroma described in the web spaces of your foot is often referred to as a Morton’s Neuroma.

Neuromas initially can be treated by injections, orthotics or surgical intervention performed in the office.

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