Meet Us

About us

Dr. Rhodes has practiced in Margate, Florida (outside Fort Lauderdale) for over 30 years. He specializes in difficult and hard to manage cases. He often sees the patient who has been “everywhere” and all HOPE has been lost. Dr. Rhodes has saved many toes, feet and legs that were scheduled for amputation. In addition, he has been successful in helping to moderate the pain from Chronic Pain Syndromes i.e. Peripheral Neuropathy; RSD; Phantom Limb Pain; and severe debilitating arthritic pain.

HE prides himself on his success at helping what others would deem a “lost cause”!!

Our office has a relaxed homelike feel. We are always easily approachable, no question is “stupid” and we encourage family participation in the successful treatment of our patients’ afflictions!

The office staff has 40 plus years experience in Podiatric Medicine.

DENISE was hired in 1981. She is not only a Certified Radiological Technologist but also the Office Manager… in charge of confusion.