Can you imagine what it is like to live with chronic life threatening leg ulcers for 21years? No, I am not diabetic. Neither am I obese or fat. My feet were discoloured (really black) and decorated with sores that were like deep trenches. Thank God they did not smell. And thank God for pants/trousers. For years I held on to a deep conviction that God had healed my body and what I was actually looking at was “the thorn in my flesh” I developed this disposition because I did not know what else to do!

After trying what the doctors in Jamaica prescribed and what was recommended by everyone who happened to get a glimpse of what was under my pants, (of course nothing really worked and even if something did it was short-lived) I applied my own remedy: I saidGod you take this case because I am going to get on with my life. So I developed thisattitude: “Feet I am going… whether you come along or not!!

When I met Dr, Jay Rhodes he marvelled that I was alive. I told him the only reason why I was alive- God kept me! He respected that but he said, ‘I want to understand the science of it” I knew then I was in good hands! Dr Rhodes wanted to know the “why” about my feet. For the first time in 21 years a doctor was investigating my condition and not prescribing “band aids”. I did blood tests, x-rays and I now think that all the conversations we had were part of his way of establishing a profile of me before he began his intensive care – ever day- including Saturdays and Sundays for 21 days! One day during his usual treatment (observing the changes) Dr Rhodes remarked. “These feet were waiting for me! And that they were!

Dr Jay Rhodes you are a podiatrist par excellence! The treatment and care I got from you and Denise were stellar! I will never forget how you continued to be in charge of my treatment while you were undergoing treatment in the hospital! You were ill but you continued to treat me by giving daily instructions to Denise and medical feedback to me after seeing the pictures Denise sent you before she began her scrubs!

Dr Jay Gerald Rhodes you are the best!

You are so far ahead of all the rest!

And in Jamaica we say, ‘nobody can test!!!

God bless you and your practice.

– Paulette F., PhD.

The staff was very nice and accommodating with my urgency for an appointment. I came for a consultation. My husband and I were impressed and thank full for the way that Dr. Rhodes asked questions and listened to everything I had to say in order to evaluate and explain the problem with my foot. He prescribed the medicine, and asked me to call back for an update on the treatment. A week later, I came back for a final checkup. My foot was healed. No more discomfort, inflammation or itching! My gratitude was not just for him diagnosing and treating the physical problem on my foot, but also for his ability to listen to his patients and show interest in the overall well-being of others. We need more doctors like this, thank you Dr. Rhodes!

– Nanci K.

My name is Saundra Griffin. I am a long time patient of Dr. Rhodes. He has proved to be a life saver for me several times. When other doctors turned me away because they didn’t take Medicare, he treated me. The first time he saved my foot he treated me for 5 ½ years, sometimes 7 days a week. The whole bottom of my right foot was gone. It grew back from the inside out. Every other doctor that I saw wanted the foot to be taken off. They were sure ‘it would never heal’. It took years to heal but I still have my foot. Dr. Rhodes has saved my limbs numerous times since then. He has seen me through gangrene, MRSA and numerous other problems with open diabetic sores. I truly trust him with my life! I think he’s the greatest thing since sliced bread!

– Saundra G.

During my initial visit to the office it was discovered that I had severe bunions on both my feet as well as an ingrown toenail. Dr. Rhodes suggested that I have surgery to remove them and this would alleviate most of the pain. At first I was hesitant, I am a female living in S. Florida with a lot of expensive sexy sandals and I had no intention of giving them up, so my first thought was NO WAY, I will deal with the pain; I was also afraid of how the scares would look. Dr. Rhodes listened to my concerns and assured me he would take special care to create minimal scaring. I had my surgery about twenty years ago and I am happy to say I have very minimal scaring and no pain at all. Dr. Rhodes is a very caring, kind, and patient doctor who in my opinion, is one of the best in his field. Everyone in the office is always willing to help no matter what and they are extremely knowledgeable. Recently I dropped a drill on my foot and broke my middle toe; while the ER doctor reviewed the x-ray he stopped to tell me that I had broken my third toe. However the good news is whoever did the bunion work did a fabulous job. If you need to see a podiatrist, make Dr. Rhodes your first and only call.

– Kim H.

My son had to have a wart removed on his foot, Dr. Jay Rhodes and Denise took great care of him, they explained everything that they were going to do to remove this wart and were very attentive to our needs. My son was very calm about the whole procedure and I believe it was because of the explanation of what was going to happen, and the kindness of this office.

– Joanie N.

I can’t say enough good things about Dr Rhodes. Over the past 25 years he has performed numerous surgeries and mended countless broken bones for me and my family. He is the only podiatrist that I trust.

– Barbara R.